Loggers are part of EverythingAgricultural.com and we welcome  you! As part of the Everything Agricultural Community Logging is a very important part of our lives. Timber Harvesters, Mastication Operations, Forestry Management and more make up a vital part of our everyday lives. There is virtually no part of our system of things that is not affected by Loggers.

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Air Quality

Everyone knows that if it were not for trees on our planet the air we breath would not exist.  Trees our our friends and produce oxygen for use to breath and the consume the carbon dioxide that we produce.  Love a tree, plant a tree and harvest a tree.  We can all get along.

Manufacturing & Economy

Loggers provide the tools, energy and expertise needed to harvest the lumber we need to produce furniture, pencils, wood for homes and so much more.  The jobs that are created with the efforts of loggers helps our economy here an abroad.   For more information on how the timber products affect our U.S. economy seek out the statistics on our site under the U.S.D.A. links

Forest Management

The natural resources of our planet could be at risk without the cooperation of scientists and their conservation methods.  Over timber harvesting can be very harmful to our planet and to the economy of the U.S.  Forest management help us to study the effects of deforestation, pest management and re-plantation.

Forest management can also supply large land owners with certified values of the harvest should a land owner decide to want to sell the timber at some point in time.  And, there is even insurance available today that would allow the landowner, under certain conditions, to insure the trees from fire.  Check out AssociatedLoggers.com, AthenaInsurance.com and LoggersBroadForm.com for more details.

Forest Fire Mitigation & Mastication

Forest fires cause billions of dollars in losses each year.  As an example, over the last several years in the State of California the continued drought and lack of normal rainfall has caused a significant amount of stress on trees and brush.  This stress has lead the forest to weaken and become more vulnerable to pests and large wildfires!

This year in 2017 we have seen several fires in Norther California.  The cost to insurance companies, the State of California and homeowners reach heights larger than anytime in recent history.

The cost to clean up, rebuild and mitigate have to be over a billion dollars in the one fire alone.

The loss of home, timber and insurance premiums will surely affect many economies in those areas.  Higher taxes, higher premiums and higher timber prices to rebuild are just a few.

Loggers Broad Form Insurance

In 2015 Northern California Butte Fire was reported to have been caused by a Utility companies hiring of an independent contractor.  The fire caused millions of dollars to insurance companies and homeowners.  Many homeowners did not carry home insurance and were devastated due to the fire.

Today, nearly all utility companies are requiring this “special” type of insurance sometimes referred to under other names such as “loggers third party liability”, ” loggers broad form liability”  or “part B” liability.  Just to clarify.. this is NOT “general liability” insurance.

Online Visibility & Advertising

Loggers seeking to be found my others for their valuable service find it difficult and very costly to hire web designers and so we are sharing some sites that will allow you to super size your presence online either for free or for a small monthly subscription fee.  The costs, as we see them vary, from “free” $0.00 dollars to $9.99 per month.  For example:

  1. AssociatedLoggers.com  – Cost is free
  2. ACE911.com – this site has a free listing and you can upgrade for very little
  3. EverythingAgricultural.com – 30 free trial then only $9.99 per month
  4. TheBootTrees.com – the cost to join is free and offers forums and social interaction for all

Some added information regarding the sites.   Each of the sites have an event benefits that is offered for free to all who register.

Well happy logging and remember “Lets’ grow it right!’

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