Registration NOT required

It is optional to register or not. You do not need to register to request a quote or to fill out a form.

Why Register?

The best reason to register is to utilize our “save and continue” later feature.  Here are some examples of why you may want to use the “save and continue later” feature.

  1. You do not have all the “required” information at hand,
  2. You want to get a quote on multiple lines of insurance and want to do it as soon as you can but you do not have all the information
  3. You want access to certain information that is held private from the public unless registered

For example, you want a quote on a bond, commercial auto, workers compensation and general liability and only want to complete one questionnaire but.. you do not have all the information.

The “Save and Continue Later” feature will allow you up to 20 days to gather the information  you need.

Registration on this site is strictly for licensed contractors and newly licensed contractors that are awaiting their permanent license.

There is one exception to this rule. “unlicensed handyman/person”  We do have a general liability insurance program for handyman and janitorial cleaning services.